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First Look

Hi everyone!  Welcome to Weddings and Wanderings!  For my first blog post, I want to talk about first looks.  When deciding the timeline of your wedding day, consider a first look with your partner instead of waiting until the ceremony to see them.  I think first looks are a great way to go and I am even going to do one for my wedding in September.  There are so many benefits to doing a first look that I highly recommend them to my clients. Here are the reasons I love a first look!

1.  Less Stress

Everyone knows that a wedding day can be stressful for the Bride and Groom.  This is really unfortunate because you should have fun on your wedding day!  When you do a first look, you really open up the timeline for the day and have more time for portraits of you two together.  When I do a first look, you get about 45 minutes of time together before the ceremony.  This time is really romantic and creates beautiful candid portraits of you two.  By doing portraits of you two and bridal party portraits before the ceremony, you are able to spend less time on pictures after the ceremony.  You can get all those family portraits you want and then a few beautiful sunset portraits (this is the most beautiful light for portraits) before you head to the party!  By starting the photos earlier, you get more pictures and less stress! 

2.  Pre-ceremony jitters melt away

Who is the one person you want to be with most on your wedding day? It's your better half of course!  Believe me, when the groom sees the bride for the first time it will be emotional.  What's nice about having a first look is that the bride and groom are able to express their emotions in a much more private setting.  The first look lets both of you be present in this special moment.  By the time you guys see each other down the aisle you will be totally ready to tie the knot!

3.  Precious photos

If you want some gorgeous, romantic photos full of emotion, then a first look is for you!  I have yet to photograph a first look where someone wasn't tearing up.  Check out some beautiful moments from my last wedding.  

Melissa Rabin